Sales Data Analyst

Job description

  • Perform data analysis using SQL, excel, BI tools and internal software
  • Simulations on Onebeat’s environment on prospects’ / clients’ data
  • Understand the sales process needs and accordingly design, develop and automate the required analysis tools
  • Design sales presentations with data analysis and simulations and collaborate with the sales team in the sales process with the prospect / client
  • Possibility to take part in Machine Learning application research and development

Job requirements

  • Expertise in Excel Analysis (Pivots, Advanced Formulas, VBA)
  • Expertise and Knowledge in SQL Analysis (Queries, Calculations, Joins)
  • Academic Degree: BA in related field (Information Systems) or BSc (Industrial Engineering/Information System) – advantage
  • Python – advantage
  • Experience in BI tools – advantage
  • English level – professional
  • Experience in Sales (such as Sales Analyst, Sales Executive or relevant role) – Advantage
  • Experience in the Retail segment (Merchandising or Supply Chain or Retail Operations) – Advantage
  • Experience in working with software/ERP environments – Advantage